Jason Sloderbeck Announces His Candidacy for Hamilton County Sheriff

Jason Sloderbeck


Hamilton County Reporter

Jason Sloderbeck, a 23 year veteran of the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, and current jail commander, is announcing his candidacy for the 2018 Hamilton County Sheriff race.

With over 23 years of local law enforcement experience, Sloderbeck has an in-depth understanding of the issues facing the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. “I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for Sheriff of Hamilton County. During my 23 years in the Sheriff’s Office, I have worked in almost every capacity there is within the agency. I have dealt with the issues first-hand, gaining valuable experience and a thorough understanding of the complexities, capabilities, and limitations of the entire office. I will use my background and hands-on experience to strive for a more efficient and effective office, where every decision affecting our law enforcement is based solely on the safety, security, and financial well-being of the community.”

While Hamilton County is unique in many ways, the major issues facing law enforcement and our community are not much different than other counties around the country. “As sheriff of Hamilton County, I will be committed to raising the standards and expectations of the office, and the agency as a whole. My top priorities are, and will continue to be: the drug addiction problems that are not only affecting our community, but many communities across our nation, the closely related mental health problems that all communities are facing right now, and to constantly be a provider of information and support to our community in order to combat domestic violence and abuse.”

Jason is a lifelong resident of Hamilton County; a graduate of Noblesville High School, Vincennes University, IMPD Leadership Academy, and Hamilton County Leadership Academy. Jason lives in Arcadia with Michelle, his wife of almost 20 years, their 17-year-old daughter Claire, 23-year-old stepdaughter Alyssa, and his 4-year-old German Shepherd, Maddox. His stepson Allen is married and recently had Jason’s first grandson, Dawson.

No Boundary Changes Needed at HSE Intermediate/Jr. High

HSE Superintendent Allen Bourff & Board President Matt Burke discuss rebalancing


The Hamilton Southeastern(HSE) School Board will make no boundary changes impacting students at HSE Intermediate/Jr. High School.  Superintendent Allen Bourff told the board families have been allowed to make their own choices, resulting in no recommendation to the board for any changes in boundary lines.

About 100 families chose to have their students enrolled in Fall Creek Intermediate/Junior High, satisfying the student imbalance issue.  Some families could not make the choice if transportation was not provided.  The school corporation will provide bus service to most of the volunteering families, but not all.

In other school board items:

–The school system will be heavily involved in events planned around Fishers for Disability Awareness Month in March.  You can find out more about those events at this link.

–HSE Schools may end its relationship with The Crossing in Noblesville as the district’s alternative school.  Administrators are preparing to establish an HSE Alternative School and will report back to the board once a recommendation is ready.  Alternative schools are for students unable to function in a normal school setting.

–Administrators briefed the board on plans to expand the World Languages program.  A recent survey showed Spanish as the most popular language, with French and German second and third.  You can review the survey results at this link.  The board will receive a recommendation from school staff later.

–Director of School and Community Relations, Bev Redmond, outlined plans to upgrade and re-brand the schools presence on the Web and social media.  A contract is being negotiated with a private firm to help make that happen during the next several months.

— HSE schools swept the top 4 places in the state Science Bowl competition.  The results show:

Riverside Intermediate – State Champion

Sand Creek Intermediate – State Runner-Up

Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate/Junior High School – State Third Place

Fall Creek Intermediate School – State Fourth Place

–Area 5 Director Pamela Hallock of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association presented a grant award to three Riverside Intermediate teachers:

Brieann Saxhaug-Toste

Barbara Glenesk


Samantha DeKruiff

They earned the award for their school garden project. Student representatives from each of the classes joined their teachers for the presentation.


Podcast: John McDonald, CEO of ClearObject, Headquarters in Fishers

When the big announcement was made that Fishers would be the site of a new Internet of Things Lab, John McDonald, CEO of Fishers-based ClearObject, says it took about a year to finish the deal creating the project.  McDonald’s firm plans to have its own staff on site at the lab, slated to open during the summer of this year.

McDonald sat down for a podcast interview with LarryInFishers, along with Lindsey Erdody, North of 96th reporter for the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Fishers YMCA Closed For A Time, Possible Chemical Release

Fishers firefighters responded to the YMCA late Tuesday morning.  Initial crews believed there had been some kind of chemical release.  The Y was closed for a time at mid-day as the fire department investigates the incident.

Fire officials report the following as the building was evacuated:


18 people were evaluated

7 transported to area hospitals –  1 child (age not available) and 6 adults.


Fire officials released the building back to the YMCA management at 1:10 this afternoon.  The building opened later in the day.

The exact cause and chemical is still under investigation


Internet of Things Lab Coming to Fishers

(L-R) Bill Stephan of Indiana University, John McDonald of ClearObject, John Wechsler of Launch Fishers, Governor Eric Holcomb & Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness


Get used to seeing the acronym “IoT” around Fishers.  It stands for “Internet of Things” in the tech world.  Fishers will soon house the new 22,000 square foot Indiana IoT Lab-Fishers, housed in a building located at 9059 Technology Drive, within the state-designated tech park.

The lab is touted as a place where “innovation and collaboration” happen among those working in the IoT field.  The facility is expected to be up and running this summer.

Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness described the Internet of Things as bringing technology to devices we use everyday.  He grew up on on a North Dakota farm and used a tractor traveling at 4 miles-per-hour, pulling a farm implement 17-feet wide.  7 years later the tractor speed went to 7 miles per hour, pulling a 54-foot wide farm implement with an auto-steer feature.  A new tractor is about to be put into the farm fields without a farmer on the tractor.  He pointed to that and other technological developments found in manufacturing facilities throughout Indiana.

“Within the next 5-10 years, we are going to see self driving vehicles,” Fadness said.

Fadness said the Internet of Things concept will lead to economic progress in Fishers and the State of Indiana.

“Fishers has, I think, built a reputation of taking steps forward, taking risks and trying new things,” according to Mayor Fadness.  “This is a natural progression for our community, to create an Internet of Things Lab.”

“Fishers is on the cutting edge and on the move, as is the State of Indiana,” Governor Holcomb told the packed crowd at Launch Fishers.

“The Internet of Things is where all these industries come together.  It is the hub, not just the future, it is right now,” Governor Holcomb said.  “To deny that is denying your full potential.”

The governor emphasized the state will partner and support initiatives such as the IoT Lab in Fishers.

Lab members will pay a fee  as low as $1,000 per year to become a part of it.

John McDonald, CEO of ClearObject (formerly known as CloudOne), announced his firm will grow its staffing on Fishers by 15% and become an anchor tenant of the IoT Lab.

You can find more details on the Indiana IoT Lab-Fishers at their Web site, which you can access at this link.


Portillo’s Fishers Location Clears First Hurdle

Wendy Hunter of Portillo’s talks about the planned Fishers location before city council members


Portillo’s is one small step closer to a Fishers Restaurant.  The Chicago-based chain wants to locate near the IKEA site at I-69 and 116th Street.  The Fishers City Council moved the rezoning proposal forward.

The matter now moves to the Fishers Plan Commission for a public hearing, currently scheduled for April 5th.

Once the Plan Commission finishes its work, the rezone comes back to the council for 2nd reading consideration April 17th, and a final 3rd reading vote set for May 15th.

There has been much speculation for the last few weeks that Portillo’s was about to announce a Fishers location, but the decision was made official just days ago.

In other Fishers City Council items:

–Council gave final approval to a voluntary annexation of homes in Springdale Estates, paving the way for a sale to developer Thompson Thrift for the planned Yard culinary development.

–Council members also gave final approval to a rezone from residential to commercial, allowing Thompson Thrift to move forward with constructing The Yard.

–Simply Dental at 12242 E. 116th Street received council approval for text amendment changes to their property.

–Changes to the Nickel Plate Code received 2nd reading approval.  Council President David George asked that 3rd and final reading be delayed to answer questions from one resident in that area.

Humane Society Moves Another Step Forward to a Fishers Location

Humane Society Executive Director Rebecca Stevens speaks before the council


The Hamilton County Humane Society says it has outgrown the current Noblesville location and is moving forward with plans to make a switch to Fishers.  The Society is eyeing a location on Hague Road, just north of 106th Street.  Council members passed the first reading of a requested rezoning of a ten-acre tract of land.

The rezone will next go to the Fishers Plan Commission where a public hearing will be held.  It appears that legal deadlines will not allow the commission to consider this rezoning at the regular March meeting, but the possibility of a special session of the commission was discussed.  No final decision was made on when the Plan Commission will consider the rezone request.

“We were out of space the day we moved into our current facility in October of 2006,” Humane Society Executive Director Rebacca Stevens told the council.

Supporters of the Humane Society filled the council chambers.  Once the Humane Society item was finished, more than half the crowd departed City Hall

Fishers Gets Lots of Local Media Attention

Fishers has been a big item in local Central Indiana media outlets in the last week.  Here are a few examples.

–The Indianapolis Star featured a front-page story in its Sunday, February 19th edition, highlighting how the city has lured people to apartment living in the downtown area. Reporter John Tuohy provides a number of quotes from Mayor Scott Fadness, attorney Steve Hardin and many of the downtown apartment dwellers.  Much of the story rehashed information you have read on this blog in the past.  But I credit the Star for telling a larger audience the Fishers story.  Tuohy does provide some nice maps and facts about people choosing to live in the downtown apartments.

–Both the Star and the Indianapolis Business Journal had stories about the planned New Kroger store at 116th Street and Allisonville Road.  The current Kroger location will be moving east of Allisonville Road.  The site of the old Marsh grocery will be demolished and Kroger will construct one of its new big all-purpose stores, much like the one at 116th and Olio Road on the east side of Fishers.  These plans had been revealed some time ago, but its good to see Kroger moving forward with the project.  That west side area of Fishers has seen some hard times of late, and this move by Kroger is very good news for people living in that area of Fishers.

–Rumors have been flying for weeks about the Chicago restaurant chain Portillo’s coming to Fishers.  We finally have confirmation that they officially do plan a facility near the IKEA store currently under construction along I-69, south of 116th Street.  The mere possibility this chain would locate in Fishers has caused quite a buzz around town.

–Iconic Digital Marketing has utilized space at the Launch Fishers business incubator site, but is now prepared to spread its wings and locate at its own digs in the Downtown Fishers Nickel Plate District.  Reports indicate the firm pans to hire extra staff, possibly as many as 51 (source: Indianapolis Star).

–I hear more is on the way in terms of announcements involving Fishers.  Mayor Fadness told me in the recent podcast interview he has big concepts to reveal in his State of the City Address, set for a March 15th Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

When starting my Fishers news blog over 5 years ago, I never imagined everything that has happened since.  And it’s not over yet.