Jeff Hern May Face Misdemeanor Charge

A Special Prosecutor will recommend a misdemeanor charge be filed against Fall Creek Township Trustee Jeff Hern, according to a source with knowledge of the investigation results.  Hern, a Republican County Council candidate in this year’s general election, has not commented publicly on accusations against him.

Police say they found Hern’s cell phone in an area of Fishers where campaign signs of his County Council primary opponent, Rick McKinney, were missing.  McKinney issued a news release last April urging the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office to move more quickly on the investigation.  The Hamilton County Prosecutor then asked for a special prosecutor to be appointed in this case,

Both McKinney and Hern won in their primary race for council seats.  Both, along with fellow Republican Brad Beaver, are heavy favorites to win county council seats in the general election.

It is not known what precise misdemeanor charge will be recommended by the special prosecutor.



Board of Works Turns Down Drainage Easement & Stabilization Petition

The Fishers Board of Public Works and Safety turned down two drainage requests by local citizens, arguing approval would set a dangerous precedent.

The first was a recommendation by city staff to deny a stabilization petition for the White River Place Ravine Bank.  The issue is totally related to private property and the attorneys have determined the city has no legal responsibility for erosion on private property.  Nonetheless, residents in the impacted area north of 116th Street near the White River asked the city for help in fixing the problem.  The price tag could be a high as $495,000 if matching grants cannot be obtained.  Mayor Scott Fadness and the other 2 board members listened to area residents.  In the end, Mayor Fadness said approving this request would have implications for sewer rates for others on the system.  The Board voted 3-0 to deny the petition.

The second request centered on Jason Cittadine, property owner at 9529 Fortune Drive.   He asked the board for a drainage easement variance in a fence installation.  The board voted 2-1 denying Mr. Cittadine’s request for building the fence on the city’s easement. Board Member Jason Meyer voted no.  Once again, a majority of the board expressed concern about setting a precedent.

In other actions at the Board of Works Monday session:

–The city’s information technology staff will need to be relocated as construction will soon begin on a new police station.  The board voted to enter into a lease agreement with Delaware Township to rent 2,000 square feet on the second floor of their offices at 131st Street at the cost of $2,000 a month.  The lease is for 18 months and goes month-to-month after the 18-month period.

— The board approved a bid of $408,565 from Morphey Construction, Inc., the lowest and most responsive bidder according to city staff, for construction of a traffic signal on 116th Street near Olio Road.  Kroger agreed to pay for the signal as part of the deal to construct a new and larger store along Olio north of 116th Street.  The previous bids were rejected as too high.  The signal should be in place by May of 2017.

–$77,100 was approved by the board for professional services leading to a new roundabout construction at 131st and Cumberland Road.  Mayor Fadness verified that the contractor is aware the city wants this roundabout in place before construction begins on the State Road 37 project, which is likely to start construction in 2019.

School Board Appears To Favor New Elementary School

The Hamilton Southeastern (HSE) School Board will soon receive an administration recommendation on how to handle building and debt issues, based on views board members expressed at a Monday morning work session.

Board members appeared to favor the construction of a new elementary school to reduce or eliminate the need for portable classrooms, which are being used this school year to reduce class sizes.  There are currently 30 portable classrooms in use throughout the school district in grades kindergarten through 4th grade (K-4)

The demographic study just competed by Dr. Jerome McKibben shows an overall 1% decrease in the K-4 enrollment throughout the school district from 2016 through 2021. However, some elementary schools would gain students during that time, based on the current number of buildings and district lines.  For example, for 2016-2021, Thorpe Creek would gain 140 students, an 18% increase, while Sand Creek Elementary would lose 93 pupils, a 14.5% decrease.

Board members said they want a new elementary school constructed, keeping an eye on funds needed for maintenance and looking at expansion of the HSE Administration Building, which cannot handle all administrators in one building at this time.  The board wants all this done while keeping the school system’s debt tax rate steady.

HSE Chief Financial Officer Mike Reuter reviewed details on the school corporations’s debt structure, indicating some debt will be expiring in coming years, allowing new debt to be issued without major impact to the debt tax rate.

Some construction could be phased-in over several years.  Expanding one or more current elementary buildings may also be an option on the table.

Voters approved a tax referendum to construct a new elementary building years ago, but that school has never been built.  The school board could choose to utilize that authority to build the new elementary.

School administrators plan to present a recommendation to the board on how to move forward in the coming weeks.

People in Hamilton County Love Early Voting

Voters file-in as teh doors open for the first day of early voting in Fishers
Voters file-in as the doors open for the first day of early voting in Fishers


People in Hamilton County love to early vote, and they especially like to early vote close to home.  I wanted to be there when early voting began in Fishers for the very first time.

Would there be a long line, or would the early voting idea in Fishers turn out to be a dud?  I got my answer very quickly.

On the first day of early voting in Fishers on Wednesday, October 19th, the entire first floor lobby of City Hall was packed.  The people working regularly on the first floor of City Hall said people had been coming in for days thinking the Fishers early voting hours had already started.

I heard people waited for 1-2 hours to cast their vote on that first day.  My wife and daughter wanted to early vote so we planned to visit City Hall the following Friday, thinking the novelty would have worn-off and the wait time would be less.

Let’s just say I was very wrong. On that Friday, the wait appeared to be more than 2 hours. Therefore, we journeyed north to downtown Noblesville, where the wait to vote was closer to 30-45 minutes.  There were plenty of voters in Noblesville, there were just more workers and machines to administer the voting process.

I saw Hamilton County Election Administrator Kathy Richardson on that first day of early voting in Fishers.  She told me there was only so many voting machines she could provide in both Fishers and Carmel, and that led to some of the wait times.

On that first day of early voting in Fishers, Richardson made an announcement to all in line at City Hall that there was no wait if any wanted to early vote in Noblesville.  No one left. Maybe they all wanted to be a part of history, or maybe they just wanted to vote closer to home.  Whatever the reason, people were willing to wait.

What this tells me is this…..people in Hamilton County love to early vote.  I hope county officials, who run our local elections, will expand early voting in the future.  It has been a big hit so far.

Fadness: Big Announcement Could Be Coming in About 30 Days

Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness touted the recent groundbreaking for the new IKEA store on Gerry Dick’s Inside Indiana Business TV program this week.  The mayor hinted at the type of development he wants to see around IKEA.

Fadness says he envisions  “a smaller form of retail focused on culinary….people want to see more restaurants in Fishers…they want to see unique restaurants in Fishers.”

The Fishers City Council approved new zoning rules for the real estate in the area around the IKEA store, allowing the city to have more control over the development of that land.

Gerry Dick asked Fadness if a big announcement is expected soon on economic development related to IKEA .  “In the next 30 days I think you’re going to see a large real estate announcement from the City of Fishers that is affirming to this vision of a 21st Century retail component here in this heart of downtown Fishers.” the mayor said.


Fishers Road Construction Schedule – Week Beginning Monday, October 24th

It’s another week and another update on road projects around Fishers.

Below is the road construction schedule for the work week beginning Monday, October 24th, provided by the City of Fishers…



Weather permitting, short term lane restrictions will be in place on Allisonville Road between 106th Street and Eller Road from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please use caution when traveling in the area.


Periodic LANE RESTRUCTIONS ARE IN AFFECT ON Brooks School Road between Club Point Drive and Anchorage Way while work is being done on the guardrail.


Exit Five Parkway closed on Tuesday, September 6 to reconstruct the road as part of the 116th Street widening project. The road remains closed to all traffic. Trucks needing to deliver to businesses will need to go up to Cumberland Road to Exit Five Parkway and come in from the north. The road will be closed for approximately two months, and a detour map is available online.


Milestone Contractors has begun mobilizing cranes and other equipment and setting a temporary concrete barrier wall along I-69 at Campus Parkway Exit 210. Work will require alternating lane closures on northbound and southbound I-69 between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Lane closures may recur each night through the end of the week depending on weather and progress. Questions about this project should be directed to INDOT at or 1-855-463-6848.


INDOT is overseeing an overnight closure on multiple traffic lanes on I-69 overnight this week. Weather permitting, lane closures, traffic changes and rolling slowdowns of traffic will begin after 9 p.m. and are expected to end before 6 a.m. the next day. Construction schedules and traffic restrictions are subject to change, and questions should be directed to INDOT at, 1-800-261-ROAD (7623) or 511 from a mobile phone. Please drive with caution as a new traffic pattern is in place.


Oak Drive south of 116th Street has closed for 50 days while the new road is being constructed. Through traffic will need to use USA Parkway.


The north section of the intersection from 106th Street to Walnut Creek is closed to all traffic as we enter phase II of roundabout construction. 106th Street will remain open through this phase. The detour route for northbound Cumberland Road is to use USA Parkway.


INDOT has begun work on the 106th Street interchange. A lane shift is currently in place on I-69 and 106th Street is closed as construction continues. Additional details about this project will be released through INDOT and shared on the weekly construction update. Please be advised the speed limit from 82nd Street to 116th Street has been reduced to 55 mph and there are lane shifts on I-69. Please travel with caution and pay close attention to signage in the area.

116th STREET

There will be lane restrictions between 9 am and 3 pm on eastbound 116th Street between I-69 and Exit Five Parkway as road work is being completed.

Fishers Trick or Treat Hours Announced



Fishers Police Chief Mitch Thompson has announced Halloween Trick or Treat hours this year.  They will be on Halloween evening, October 31, 6:00pm-8:00pm.

The Chief also has a number of Halloween safety tips for local residents.  They are contained in the Police Department news release, reproduced below:

Chief Thompson offers the following safety tips for Halloween.

  • Give and accept wrapped or packaged candy only.
  • Only go to houses that you know the owner. 
  • Have children bring treats home for adult inspection before they are eaten.
  • A parent or adult should accompany children when they are trick-or-treating.
  • Carry a flashlight.
  • Stay within your neighborhood; only visit homes you know.
  • Use make-up or face paint instead of masks.  If masks are used, make sure the child has good visibility.
  • Choose costumes that are flame retardant.
  • Wear light-colored clothing, short enough to prevent tripping.  Add reflective tape to dark colored costumes.
  • Watch for vehicle traffic and use caution when crossing the street.

Police cars will be patrolling the neighborhoods to ensure everyone’s safety.  If you see or find anything suspicious, please immediately call 911.

Local Chorus Plans Free Concert November 6th, Broadway Music is the Theme



The Fishers Community Chorus started last year and gave some very impressive performances during their first season, such as John Rutter’s Requiem.   The group is now starting its second season, and the first performance will center on tunes from Broadway, from the 1930s to the 1970s.

This concert is free of charge, and is set for Sunday, November 6th, 3:00pm, at the Geist Christian Church location at 82nd Street and Mud Creek (yes, it is just a few blocks from Fishers).

Mark your calendars now to enjoy the singing of this local group.


Homeowners Get State Road 37 Update

Highway engineer Try Woodruff addresses homeowners
Highway engineer Troy Woodruff addresses homeowners

State Road 37 will be upgraded, with major construction likely to start in 2018 or 2019. The highway traffic north and south will become underpasses and east-west vehicles will use roundabout overpasses to move back and forth across the highway.  That much we do know, but much is still not known about the upcoming project.

For example, engineers have said construction will happen at 2 intersections at the same time.  Which two intersections will be first?  No one knows at this point.

The intersections to get roundabout overpasses over State Road 37 are 126th, 131st, 141st and 146th Streets.  With 2 being constructed at one time, we still do not know which 2 of those 4 intersections will be under construction in the first phase.

Residents heard about extensive traffic studies underway to develop ways to navigate the construction zones once they are underway.

Most questions from the audience dealt with drainage issues in specific areas of certain neighborhoods, and the contractors assured them that all options will be studied.

A number of area homeowners were on hand for the meeting at the Delaware Township Community Building
A number of area homeowners were on hand for the meeting at the Delaware Township Community Building